Model P can manage a large variety of industrial processes in consideration of both customer needs and product specifications. The key factors behind such achievement include our expertise gained over time, the manual skills of our staff and the state-of-the-art machinery and innovative technologies at our service.


Work center

Our staff manages multiple industrial processes making use of numerically controlled multifunctional machines, cutting-edge tools capable of performing a large number of mechanical operations with top flexibility and proficiency.



Our industrial machinery includes:

  • Paolino Bacci Master 5-axis CNC machining center with 2000x1500 mm table for milling polystyrene, wood and polyurethane resins.
  • Belotti FLU2617 5-axis CNC machining center with 2600x1700 mm table for milling polystyrene, wood and polyurethane / epoxy resins.
  • Doosan DNM400 3-axis CNC machining center for milling aluminum, steel and PMMA.
  • Mechanical workshop consisting of parallel lathe, column drill, band saw, circular saw, miter saw, sandblaster, welding machine, sander and polishing spring.


Painting oven with color box and tintometer

Our company also has a Blowtherm electric painting oven with 4mx4m radiant panels, including a color box and a Lechler tintometer. The internal tintometer allows to analyze, create and replicate any type of color chosen from thousands of cards and finishes (glossy, matt, semi-gloss, semi-matt, brushed, satin, photo-etched, metalized, pearl). Where possible we use water-based dyes and the painting is done in a radiant panel oven with double filtering system; this technique limits the impact on the atmosphere and reflects the company's environmental-friendly policy.



We have a large warehouse available for the storage of raw materials and the various resins used for production processes. This key feature allows us to respond promptly and effectively to customer needs and demands.


Kreon Ace laser scanning arm

The Kreon Ace is an innovative scanning system, capturing data using simultaneously both the accuracy of a 3D probe and the speed of a laser scanner. This technology offers a versatile and accurate solution for measuring complex shapes, capturing every detail and digitally returning an extremely faithful scan of the object.

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