Our primary goal is to speed up the production process and help companies reduce TTM (time to market). How? We use technologies that combine the qualities of craftsmanship with the potential of the industrial production process.

Fast prototyping

Fast prototyping includes various industrial techniques based on rapid production of prototypes starting from 3D models, making it a key process in today’s industry. Compared to traditional technologies, it allows companies a faster production of testing models, which can serve as the initial elements of a subsequent series. With virtually infinite fields of application, fast prototyping can handle any type of shape and layout and is compatible with a wide range of materials to create full-scale objects.

Prototype milling

Milling is a technique that allows to obtain a wide range of surfaces by removing material, a process carried out by a cutting tool with rotary motion. Computerized numerical control (CNC) milling is the first choice when handling class A surface finishes, H7 holes and when high precision is of the essence, for both small and large objects.

Mold milling

Model P develops molds and templates with materials selected through specific mechanical and thermal criteria, with particular reference to the millwork of carbon in an autoclave and cold rolling.

Additional finishes

Our company offers various services, including the finishing of prototypes/molds using specific high-quality products, through manual processes such as liquid painting, resin coating, polishing, sandblasting, brushing, chrome plating and electroplating.

3D scanning

We employ our advanced technologies, using the Kreon Ace laser scanning arm to carry out reverse engineering and surface inspection tasks, with the aim of recreating customized 3D models of existing objects and verifying their dimensional conformities.


We turn your ideas into real designs, through the use of Solidworks, offering our support in creating molds, cutting templates, bonding templates, and custom CNC templates in order to optimize machining and assembly processes.

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