Fast prototyping is a consolidated resource in various manufacturing sectors. In addition to offering significant savings in terms of cost, time and environmental impact, this technique allows to experiment, run performance tests and monitor the reactions of prototypes to such tests.



We create innovative and cutting-edge solutions to promote the development, testing and introduction of new products in the automotive field, a complex and ever-changing market area.


Household appliances

Fast prototyping offers various technologies to develop all the aesthetic and functional features of a product, depending on what the customer requires in terms of finish, effect, size and level of complexity of the component.


Furniture design

In the field of furniture and design, where creativity and innovation coexist in constant synergy, prototyping is a key element for the research and development of new products.

More varied products

Fast prototyping allows to reduce production time and increase the applicability of a product on the market, thus encouraging its positive feedback, profitability and functional reliability. Other areas of application include:

  • 1.lighting;
  • 2.sports and gardening;
  • 3.textiles and fashion.

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